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Sustainability matters for Hoe Grange

Renewable energy has not only saved the Browns money and generated a guaranteed income, but also helped them win several awards for their commitment to sustainability

David and Felicity Brown are owners of the award-winning Hoe Grange Holidays – an outstanding eco-friendly, self catering holiday hamlet on a working farm in the stunning Peak District, Derbyshire.

To safeguard their long-term energy costs the Browns turned to Loryan for support.

"We started with two log cabins and they took off straight away, so we decided after a couple of years that we would like to expand and scale back the farming side of things and push the holiday side of things further," says David.

"We wanted to include a renewable heating system – we were getting some grant funding for diversification so that's when we put the ground source heating system in.

"It is very good but it still uses up a fair bit of electricity so we looked at methods of on-site generation. We couldn't get the size of turbine we originally applied for so we went for a smaller turbine and a solar tracking system to give us the output we wanted.

"This gives us two energy outputs, depending on weather conditions: if it's dry and sunny the solar tracker will perform well, and when it's windy, the wind turbine will. It means we're guaranteed an output of energy generation regardless of the weather."

The renewable projects have not only saved the Browns money and generated a guaranteed income, but have also helped them win several national awards for their commitment to sustainability.

"We also have a water bore hole on site meaning the site is 100% renewable, which ticked a lot of boxes for the sustainability awards," says David. "I'd estimate we've reduced our overall energy bill by about 60-70%. It allows us to put a handle on what our costs are going to be well in advance because we're not dependent on electricity and oil prices.

"We can confidently set our prices for late 2014 because we know what our energy is going to cost."

The Browns turned to the bank to help finance their renewable projects and think there has never been a better time for others to follow suit.

"I'm quite confident the cost of the loan will be covered by the feed-in-tariff payments – it's not an issue to worry too much about how much money you owe the bank because it's paying for itself."

For anyone considering investing in renewable energy, David offers this advice: "I would say act sooner rather than later. The longer you leave it, the longer it will take to pay for itself – so if you're going to do it, do it now – bite the bullet and move forward.

"Also, the Bank of England have just announced interest rates are going to remain low for the next three years – it's a good time to borrow the money to get these things whilst interest rates are so low."

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